Monday, February 23, 2009

High prices, low prices...( Part I)

Since I have begun this embroidery business I meet customers who say me: "This is too expensive!"
At the very beginning of my career I tried to make every customer satisfied. I set the lowest
prices in my district, but I continued to loose customers. Business went worth from day to day.

I almost stopped my embroidery digitizing career and one day I came to my neighbours (they have sewing company) to speak about my misfortune. And the owner of that business gave my some advice.
Here they are:


Even if you are the owner of only one domestic embroidery machine and do your "garage" business you should plan everything. You should write a list of things you need to keep embroidery business. Threads, backings, needles cost money. Don't forget about rent and electricity, medical insurance, taxes.

The lowest price doesn't mean the best price.

The beginner of the embroidery business often thinks: "I should make lower price to be competitive". In reality you should find your own way in the embroidery business. Try to offer for your customers something unique. May be you can do excellent embroidery on collars of shirts.
Or you are a master of very small pretty things digitizing.
I believe you can do something special. And you can believe in your possibilities.
You prices for this unique work can be higher than other embroidery companies have.

to be continue...

Olga Zelenina

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