Saturday, January 31, 2009

Embroidered smiling cat

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Last week we had very cloudy weather. Several days without sun made me sleepy. I needed anything to change my feelings. I was sitting and looking for funny photos. Accidentally I found this cat and understood it must be embroidered!

This round funny cat face! This magic smile!

I imaged the picture so clearly in emroidery so began immediately. I spent several hours digitizing every hair, every stripe. When I finished the work I understood that I was smiling too.
The weather got sunny and I feel myself full of energy and in a good mood.

Embroidery digitizing is not job only. It is not only business to have profit.
It is also a little magic, when you love what you do.

P.S. The embroidered smiling cat is waiting to be fixed in a frame.

Olga Zelenina

Thursday, January 22, 2009

About flowers, embroidery digitizing and artistic skills.

Some people think that there is no art in work of embroidery digitizer.
"Digitizer should copy every line of original design and nothing more. It is technical work", speak those people.

I don't agree. Even very simple design can be produced in several variant.

Every time I get from customer a picture I should decide how can
I do the design for embroidery machine.

It depends on surcomstanses - size of output embroidery pattern,
fabric, price and just a wish of a customer.
Here is a photo.

The first idea is suitable for embroidery on heavy fabric, it contains 16461 stitches, size 18x17 cm, 7 colors.

The second embroidery design is simplified. It has smaller size (9x8,5 cm),
smaller stitches (5582 st.) and only two colors.

At the last photo I solve more difficult task. The idea was to join pretty
almost-alive-view of first embroidery design and simplicity of the second
embroidery design. At least I've got an embroidery pattern with 11716 stitches,
size 18x17 cm, two colors and nice view.

And all this I can make form one picture!
Don't limit the imagination
and artistic talents of your digitizer.
All possibilities of machine embroidery are not still discovered.
If you want to see bigger picture write me, please, to e-mail.

Olga Zelenina.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Embroidery digitising: help for customers

Embroidery digitizing has never done automaticaly job. Software can only make you job quicker but even the most perfect embroidery system never does all job for you. There are several steps from you logo being printed on paper or sent by e-mail to embroidered result on fabric.

Quality of picture

First, designer should check the quality of picture. If the picture is blur or noisy, it must be corrected in graphic redactor. It's very important for better output result. It takes from half an hour to couple of days to get rid of imperfectneces of the logo. That is why we ask you to give us good quality pictures. It saves you time and money. Also it allows us to make the best embroidery design for you.

What does it mean - good quality picture? For the best rusult you'd better to send picture in *.bmp,*.jpg, *.tif or *.gif format. Bitmap picture should have resolution from 300 dpi to 600 dpi. If you send us vector graphics, be sure that all letters are turned to curves.
Very often some pictures consist of small details or some parts, which is difficult to embroider, for example, shadows or grade colour fill (from green to blue or from dark to light). In such cases we offer you to simplify the picture to protect your garment from breakage or stretching during embroidery.

Don't fill embarrassed to connect us, if you have some questions. Funny Sunflower team was created to help you on your way of embroidery business.

Properties of your order

You have already sent us a picture. What must we know to do embroidery design for you?


Size of embroidery shows us the types of stitches we must use for better result. For example, ifyou need the same logo in two sizes for jacketback and left chest, we in most cases should do two different design for you.


Only you can decide how many colours should be in your design. Most modern industrial embroidery machines are built with 6-15 needlebars, but sometimes you have some multicoloured artistic job to do.We will help you to select embroidery thread, give you a peece of advice about selecting threads and we send you thread list for your design. Just tell us the brand of thread you use and we give you complete information according your thread catalogue.


We also need to know what kind of fabric you have to embroider. You can't use the same embroidery file both for jeans, bath towel and fleece.


Most of our customers have small business.May be you got a couple of old machines by the will of your grandfather and decided to save family business.Or you bought second-hand machine? All this machines have their own properties. One "doesn't like" to sew towels, the other have one needlebar brocken. With this little things we also can help you. Using embroidery software our team gets rid of limitation and help you to provide the best quality.

Olga Zelenina